Steel Roofing Keeps Costs Down

Roof construction in the past has been a slow, costly, and labour-intensive process, but these days the use of steel roofing is saving builders both time and money.

Keeping Costs Down

steel roofing photoSteel roofing speeds up construction because the panels arrive on site pre-constructed. They are lightweight and ready to be put together.

Installing the panels is simpler too – no need for saws and nail guns – steel roof panels just need to be screwed together.

Steel panel roofing is one of the fastest growing market segments in the construction industry because of the many advantages steel brings – beyond beauty and style.

Roofs made from steel panels:

  • are fire resistant.
  • allow for later roof upgrades.
  • have a proven life of greater than 50 years.
  • have superior wind resistance, delivered by interlocking panels.
  • are energy efficiency.
  • have structural integrity because they are lightweight.
  • have low cost maintenance.

For these reasons the preferred roofing material in the US these days is steel panels.

Switching to Steel

AFS Mano 4The push in society is to be more environmentally aware. This is not just an ethical or moral decision, but also an economic one as energy costs rise.

Roofing material, like steel, that is energy efficient and attractive has all the advantages.

These advantages are available to both residential and commercial construction companies. Obviously these companies are looking for the most effective, most efficient and lowest cost materials they can use, so steel roofing panels are an attractive option.

Great for home owners and renovators, steel roof panels are lightweight and don’t require any structural reinforcing. A product such as this which has a long life and easy maintenance is ideal – replacing a roof is not something you’d want to do often!

Steel Roofing Panels

Roofing panels made of steel are a high quality product. They save time and energy on site because they come pre-constructed with minimal effort to assemble. They have a long life, are easy to maintain, and offer energy advantages – and importantly for many parts of Australia steel roofing panels are fire resistant.

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