Residential Steel Frame Homes

Construction of Residential Steel Frames
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As a project manager or company owner in the residential home construction industry, you will know what impact down-time and custom changes have. You know that down-time due to poor weather and lost time caused by the need for custom modifications will affect your budget, delivery – and your reputation.

Imagine though if you could reduce the impact of these events, use termite-proof framework, and build more easily on sloping sites – for every home you build. The good news is that now you can, with steel framing from Australian Framing Solutions.

Steel Frame Home Construction

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Steel Frame loaded to a truck
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Build in framing made from lightweight steel saves:

  • time– as the custom built panels come pre-constructed and work can continue even in bad weather.
  • labour – as fewer tools are required on site to assemble the custom built steel frame panels: just a battery operated screwdriver.

Saving on both of these saves you money.

Sloping Site? No Problem!

2 Storey Steel Frame
Elevated Steel Frame
Steel Frame Home


Sloping sites can bring with them a host of challenges that in the past have required a lot of expensive and time-consuming on-site custom work. But because our steel frames are lightweight and built to specification, they are increasingly chosen as the ideal option for those building on sloping blocks.

Why Choose Australian Framing Solutions?

  • Our steel framing allows for faster build times and more accurate construction. Faster and easier construction means happier customers, sooner.
  • A major cause of down-time in any building project is bad weather and the use of steel framing means construction can continue even in inclement weather
  • Forget about nail guns, and lugging timber.
  • Steel trusses and steel roofing panels reduce labour costs because they have straightforward assembly – only requiring a battery operated screw driver.
  • Steel frames are termite proof!
  • Being lightweight and pre constructed into panels means steel trusses can be used in projects such as kit homes because they can be flat-packed and shipped. This allows the steel framing advantages to extend into many more residential home building projects, all across the country.
  • Australian Framing Solutions delivers durable, strong, lightweight quality Australian-made steel frames for both residential (modular, medium density, or stand alone) and commercial building projects.

To learn more about steel frame homes, call us, without obligation, on 1300 722 492.