Commercial Steel Framing

Time and cost are critical factors in commercial construction – as every project manager and commercial builder knows. That is why, right across Australia, steel framing has become the construction method of choice for forward-thinking commercial property designers and builders.

on site assembly
AFS Workers
Steel Framing

Steel frames, steel trusses and steel roofing panels offer commercial advantages because they are lightweight and can be used even in poor weather – so Build in down time is reduced.

Steel framing also offers:

  • quicker assembly on site – it comes pre constructed and arrives in panels
  • straight forward assembly
  • easy modification on site compared to the need to cut/weld structural steel
  • easier manoeuvrability – it is lightweight and doesn’t require cranes
  • poor-weather construction – keeping projects on target

Innovative Commercial Construction uses Steel Framing

The biggest delay in commercial construction projects is down-time caused by bad weather, and, as you know, delays cost money. That is why many companies are moving to steel framing solutions for their commercial building projects, warehouse, and school projects.

Steel Trusses

Photo of Steel Trusses

Combining lightweight steel frame technology, advances in computer aided design, and streamlined manufacturing, has revolutionised building by making steel trusses the best option for many applications. The advantages of AFS Steel Trusses for Commercial Construction Projects are:

  • Precision manufactured
  • Superior spanning capabilities
  • Fully bolted connections

Roof Construction

Steel Frame Roof

Steel frame roof construction does not require traditional tools – the panels generally only need to be screwed together making assembly quicker and simpler. Australian Framing Solutions uses quality Australian made steel for easier commercial construction success. And we understand how construction delays can be a make or break problem.

Our steel framing solutions offer:

  • Cost savings due to the fast speed of construction
  • No frame warping
  • In-house designing
  • Steel frames that are 70% lighter than timber
  • Steel frames that will not rot, shrink or twist

Steel framing from Australian Framing Solutions saves on construction time and costs, and offers the genuine building efficiency critical to achieving successful your commercial construction outcomes.

To learn more about using steel framing for your next construction project, call us, without obligation, on 1300 722 492.